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Preparing for Primary School

Top Tips for Starting Primary School: Practise...

1. Waking up and getting out of the house in sufficient time for the school bell at 9am.

2. Travelling the route, whether it is walking/taking the bus/crossing with the Patrol Officer.

3. Climbing stairs safely.

4. Carrying their school bag/rucksack containing school supplies (light books, pencils, lunchbox etc).

5. Using a lunchbox and being able to open packets/cartons of food/drink cartons/straw cellophane.

6. being responsible for money if they are to buy their lunch from dinner school.

7. Going to the toilet by themselves and being able to wash/dry their hands unaided.

8. Blowing their nose by themselves and disposing of used tissues.

9. Being able to work zips and buttons by themselves on jackets, shirts, trousers, skirts etc.

10. Being able to knot and remove school tie.

11. Being able to undress and dress for P.E.

12. Removing/putting on shoes by themselves.

13. Pushing/pulling doors by themsleves.

14. Sitting quietly doing tasks for a period of time.

15. Listening quietly for periods of time.

16. Making new friends.


Readiness for School: Checklist.

Approach to Learning:

Cheerfully engages with activities and leanring new things.

Appropriately assertive.

Enjoys performing.

Joins in readily with others.

Tackles difficult tasks.

Likes to improvise and extend activities.

Demonstrates a special interest or ability.


Emotional, Personal and Social Development:

Confident and happy.

Plays well alongside others.

Plays well with others.

Waits for turn.

Shares toys.

Finishes tasks.

Follows rules and instructions.


Communication and Language:

Listens to others in group.

Listens to stories all the way through.

Talks about experiences.

Follows spoken instructions.

Enjoys books.

Talks about stories.

Knows the difference between words and pictures.

Recognises their written name.

Holds pens/pencils correctly.


Physical Development and Movement:

Can cut with scissors.

Can do interlocking jigsaw.

Can draw a person.

Can draw circle and square.

Can draw triangle.

Can do buttons, zips.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Match four shapes.

Name four shapes.

Place objects in sequence.

Can converse one-to-one.

Can recite from 1-10.

Knows about 'next', 'before' and 'after'.

Matches 8 colours.

Names 8 colours.

Sorts into big/small, long/short.

Can use computer mouse/ iPad/ tablet basic tools.

Knows basic routines (at home etc).

Knows when it is day or night.