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Covid information

Second survey on COVID-19 Early years resilience and impact

Public Health Scotland (PHS) is inviting parents and carers of children aged 2–7 to take part in a survey to find out how their families have been affected by the different restrictions announced as we continue to live with coronavirus. 


The pandemic has wider impacts on individuals’ health, and their use of healthcare services, than just those that occur as the direct result of infection. The survey will cover the themes of key behaviours, children’s play and learning, use of outdoor spaces and social interactions, and the experience of parents and carers during Covid-19 in Scotland.


PHS ran this survey for the first time in June–July, just as Scotland was moving out of a period of national lockdown. We are running it again to see how things are changing for young children and their families now that schools and childcare settings have reopened and more healthcare services are being used. (If you would like to read about what people said in the first survey, you can view the findings here).

The response to our survey over the summer months has directly contributed to how we have been supporting children’s health and emotional wellbeing. Not all children have a fair start in life and societal inequalities can have a negative impact on children’s outcomes. We know that the virus has affected some families more than others and so is likely to worsen health inequalities too. Further insight into families’ experiences will continue to help people working with, and for, children to understand the impact of the pandemic on this age group. This will help public services best meet the needs of children, and protect their learning and healthy development.

The survey is live from today (23 November) and will remain live until (7 December).

Dear Parent/carer

Finally, we are able to return to school, albeit under very different circumstances than we would normally.

we hope you and your family are well and have remained healthy during these difficult times. Staff at Machrie Nursery have worked very hard to ensure your child is returning to an environment which is safe for them to continue their Early Years education and we wish you to be aware of the following points in order to allay any anxieties you may have:

  • Social distancing queuing upon entry to main door.
  • School management to welcome child and parent/carer at main door to check COVID-19 symptoms, distribute school information etc.
  • Tissues and baby wipes available at the door for parents to wipe child's nose/face etc.
  • Child's keyworker to come to reception area to receive child.
  • Child to sanitise in reception (doors will be open to omit contact with handles).
  • Child to remove jacket and change into indoor shoes in cloakroom (slip on shoes with Velcro which children can manage by themselves are preferred).
  • Carefully chosen resources in place for the children which will provide a variety of learning experiences and which can be easily wiped clean after usage in order for another child to use.
  • Children to remain in 'working bubbles' around the environment to reduce contact with too many different people.
  • sanitisers available throughout the school.
  • Frequent handwashing throughout the day
  • Reduced number of children to use the toilet facilities at any one time (monitored by management at all times and all door handles, flush handles, toilet seats, taps etc to be sanitised after each use.
  • All windows to be open for maximum ventilation.
  • children to be learning outdoors as much as possible.
  • we would ask that children have gloves (with fingers, not mittens) for some aspects of outdoor play e.g. using wooden blocks.
  • Therre will be no library bags travelling between school and home.
  • There will be no tooth brushing programme.
  • On a sunny day children MUST arrive wearing sun cream and have their own sun-hat (we are not allowed to provide one) and if your child is attending for the full day the parent/carer must provide a bottle of sun cream for the staff to apply at lunchtime (all bottles will be labelled with your child's name and used only for them).
  • Children to choose lunch preference from a menu in the morning, which will be served to them at lunchtime.
  • Parents/carers to alert office staff when collecting their child by speaking to them at the office window and then moving to the side gate (signage on it) to collect their child.

we hope you are reassured of your child's safety and should there be any changes to the detailed information we will inform you immediately.

If you wish to discuss any of the above or any other issue, please do not hesitate to call or email:

0141 631 2255

we continue to wish you and your family well during these difficult times.

Mrs A O'Hodos

Head Teacher