Machrie Nursery School
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Vision, Values & Aims

Our Aim

In Machrie Nursery school we aim to provide a welcoming, inclusive and secure learning environment where every child can develop into happy, healthy and self-assured individuals in a climate of mutual respect. We are committed to supporting staff and paretns/carers in the development of their skills, thereby enhancing our school and community.

Our Vision and Values

Motivated - Provide exciting, dynamic activities to motivate children.

Achieving - Strive to ensure that children are achieving at their highest level.

Curriculum for Excellence - Deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences using the national curriculum.

Holistic - Promote the child as a whole to encourage personal growth.

Relationships - Work in partnership with children and families to foster positive relationships.

Inclusion - Strive to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Enjoyment - Provide joyful learning experiences which promote wellbeing and imaginative play.