Machrie Nursery School
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Enrolment Procedures

Application Forms


You may enroll your child after his/her 2nd birthday. To enroll your child in Machrie Nursery School, please complete an application form and bring the appropriate evidence;

1. child’s birth certificate

2. sibling’s birth certificate(s)

3. identity cards (if applicable)

4. proof of address e.g. utility bill

5. proof of receiving benefits, or college/ university attendance, or employment

6. Council Tax statement.

This will allow your child’s circumstances to be assessed, which informs the Admissions Panel, the deciding panel of experienced Head Teachers, Nursery managers and associated professionals who offer Nursery placements to families. The panel will, as far as possible, try to accommodate the parent/carers first choice of Nursery but it may be that, should it be full to capacity, a place in the 2nd /3rd choice will be sought.

Full time placements are available for working parents or those attending further education establishments of children aged 3-5yrs. Specific health issues or home circumstances may also be considered by the panel regarding full time placements.

Parents/carers who are successful in securing hours over their funded, statutory 15hrs 50mins will be invoiced monthly by the Early Years Charging Team - 0141 287 4883 or It is recommended that Direct Debits are organised to ensure regular payments, as unpaid bills could result in your child’s placement being reduced to statutory hours. A copy of ‘Glasgow City Council’s Admissions and Charging Policy for Early Years’ is available from the school or online at Glasgow City Council’s website.

Starting Nursery

When a place becomes available, you will recieve a letter from the Head teacher detailing a start date and time (10am or 1.30pm). Please take time to be with your child for the first week. some children settle quickly, others take longer. Be guided by your child's key worker regarding when to leave your child. A post placement review will take place 6 weeks following the child's start date.

It is necessary that an adult (age 16 years or older) will bring your child to and from the nursery. The accompanying adult should remove the child's coat and change their footwear; each child has their own peg and shoe compartment. For Health and Safety reasons, your child must wash their hands before entering the playroom, following their change of coat and footwear. In the interests of your child's safety you should tell the keyworker or head teacher if your child is to be collected by someone other than yourself, or whoever is named in your collectors list. This avoids difficult situations when a child cannot be allowed to leave with an adult who is unknown to staff or if staff haven't been directly informed of changes.