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Machrie Nursery School 

30 Castlemilk Dr, Glasgow G45 9TR.  

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Newsletter – December 2020



School holidays and INSET August 2020 – June 2021


School closes     Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Christmas   Wednesday 23rd December 2020 – Tuesday 5th Jan 2021(Inc)


School opens   Wednesday 6th January 2021

Second mid-term  Friday 5th & Tuesday 9th Feb 2021 (Inc)  *****

INSET (no children)  Wednesday 10th February 2021

School closes     Thursday 1st April 2021

Easter Holidays  Friday 2nd April – Friday 16th April 2021 (Inc)


School opens   Monday 19th April 2021

May Day   Monday 3rd May 2021

INSET (no children)  Thursday 6th May 2021

May weekend   Friday 28th May 2021 & Monday 31st May 2021


School closes     Thursday 24th June 2021


Scottish Child Payment – now open for applications


ScoScottish Child Payment is a new benefit for families who are in receipt of certain benefits as shown below         b. It It offers you £40 every four weeks, for each child under six years old – to help you towards the cost of                 caricaring for your child. This The new benefit scheme starts on Monday 15 February 2021 but applications are now open. To apply    you neeyou need to be in receipt of Child Tax Credit, Income Support, Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit,                 UniUniversal Credit, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and Support AlloAllowance (ESA) and your child needs to be under six years old on 15 February 2021. ScoScottish Child Payment will not be taken into account for UK benefit and tax credit assessments and       there is n there is a cap on the amount of children this payment can support. For For more information and to make an application ·         phone the free helpline number on 0800 182 2222 ·         visit



Latest COVID-19 Update

As Glasgow began Tier 4 at 6pm on Friday 20th November for an initial period of 3 weeks, the government asks that all parents/carers who bring children/ collect children from Nursery School wear a face covering/mask to limit transmission of the virus to the receiving staff members.


We continue to remain vigilant in our working environment and do our utmost to keep your children safe. If you are worried about any aspect of your child’s safety or have safety recommendations please do not hesitate to contact us.


 ‘Sponsored Obstacle Course’ Friday November 6th


Many thanks to all who contributed to our Sponsored Event fundraiser, the children had great fun and you have assisted us in our plans for Christmas fun with an incredible £685, a fantastic achievement in these very difficult financial times.


‘Children in Need’ 

Many thanks to all who contributed to our chosen charity, with a total of £86 raised and posted off on your behalf.



Potential Strike Action.

Current news items suggest that teachers who are affiliated with the EIS teaching union may strike regarding working in challenging COVID-19 high infection-rate environments. For your information, Mrs Hodos is the only registered teacher in Machrie Nursery School and is affiliated with the Association of Heads and Deputes in Scotland union (AHDS). Therefore, should the EIS call its members out on strike, Machrie Nursery School will not be affected. We are also awaiting confirmation of a possible change to Christmas holidays; we will group call all parents should any changes occur and also put the information on the website.



Curricular News

There are 3 planned topics through the academic year. Your child’s keyworker discusses the children’s own interests with them and they decide as a group what learning theme to use. All planning information and the resulting work is displayed on our Planning Wall in the cloakroom. Please take the time to look at the work of our school (post COVID-19) and leave any comments. (All previous planning is documented in the group’s own Learning Floor books). We will soon be using SEESAW, an electronic profile of your child’s progress which you can use from home. 


Throughout the month of December the children will be looking at the theme of Winter and, of course, participating in lots of Christmas stories, songs, activities, artwork etc. December normally sees us rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity too, but due to uncertainty over COVID-19 absences we have decided to, instead, have a virtual Christmas Concert with all groups which parents and family will be able to view on a closed Facebook page.


All good children deserve a gift from Santa!!! Sadly, due to COVID-19 we can only have a socially distanced visit on Thursday 17th but we will make it a special day nonetheless and take photos for families! Any child who is not attending on this day will be invited to attend from 2:30pm to 3pm to receive their gift (if not attending they will have their gift put aside).



COVID-19 Measures: (full, original information still to be found on school website)

Thank you to all our families for adhering to our measures, just a reminder of how you can assist:

· Child to remove jacket and change into indoor shoes in cloakroom (slip-on shoes or shoes with Velcro which children can manage by themselves are preferred).

· Children to be learning outdoors as much as possible; please ensure your child has appropriate outdoors clothing and wellington boots (these can be stored in the school).

· We would ask that children have gloves (with fingers, not mittens) for some aspects of outdoor play e.g. using wooden blocks.

· Parent/carers to alert office staff when collecting their child by speaking to them at the open office window and then moving to the side gate (signage on it) to collect their child.



Extended Day 

Following the Scottish Governments 1140hrs policy, all 3-5yrs age children are entitled to 6 ’blocks’ in an extended day nursery school, a mixture of part-time days and full-time days. Each child will receive a free snack morning/ afternoon and a free lunch (detailed below). When you collect your child, you will be told if they ate lunch or not.


Although open from 8am – 5:45pm; 


· your child DOES NOT NEED TO ARRIVE AT 8am (many have siblings being taken to school for 9am).


· OR STAY UNTIL 5:45pm (many have siblings being collected from Primary school at 3pm).



Absence calls

Should your child be absent please inform us on the 1st day of absence stating any illness and a possible return date, and every 2nd day thereafter for an update. This will ensure your child’s place is kept available and allows us to inform other parents of any possible infections present (please be assured no names are ever disclosed). Continued, unexplained absence or intermittent attendance may result in your child’s placement being revoked by Glasgow City Council.


If there are any COVID-19 related aspects to your child’s absence (e.g. they are displaying symptoms, or a member of the household is displaying symptoms, or they have been in close contact with someone outwith their household who is displaying symptoms), please inform us to allow us to follow set guidelines. Please remember to quarantine if you are returning from a country which has been identified by the Scottish Government as high risk (changeable, please see news updates).


Shoes & Jackets

Please ensure you write your child’s name on all jackets and footwear to assist staff in supporting your child’s dressing. Slip-on shoes or Velcro fastened shoes are easiest for your child and encourages independence. Please ensure your child has a rain jacket for daily outdoor learning.




Curricular Fund 

In order to enhance your child’s curricular experience we like to provide, celebrations, parties etc. In order to provide this we have a ‘Curricular Fund’ of £1 per week per family. This is a voluntary contribution but will be much appreciated by staff in order to provide a fun and fulfilling curriculum for your child. If you wish to pay for the full year in advance rather than weekly, the due amount is posted on the office window and can be given to staff as you drop off/ collect your child. Many thanks!




Learning Outdoors

Our very successful ‘Daily Mile’ is postponed at the moment due to timings of children arriving and sharing the sports pitch with our campus partners, hopefully we can start a new routine soon. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing and welly boots for outdoors learning, and has spare clothes in their cloakroom tote-bags. 





Rag Bag

The container sits against our building and used clothing & footwear can be placed in bags and deposited. The monies collected help to provide educational experiences for your children in addition to monies collected from the Voluntary Fund.





Christmas Cards

We request that should your child wish to send cards to their friends in Nursery that they send just 1 card to the Nursery which they can post in our Machrie Post Box. All cards will be displayed on our Christmas fireplace. This is to promote conservation and bring awareness of it to the children. We also ask that you keep your old Christmas cards and bring them into us in January as we can recycle them for practising cutting skills with the children. Many thanks!





All the staff at Machrie Nursery School wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year in… 







INSET DAYS   Thursday 12th & Friday 13th August 2021

Return date for children Monday 16th August 2021

September weekend  Friday 24th September & Monday 27th September 2021


INSET    Friday 8th October 2021

First Mid-term   Monday 11th October 2021 – Friday 15th October 2021 (Inc)

School closes    Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Christmas   Thursday 23rd December 2021 – Tuesday 4th Jan 2022(Inc)


School opens   Wednesday 5th January 2022

Second mid-term  Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th Feb 2022

INSET    Wednesday 16th February 2022

School closes   Friday 1st April 2022

Easter Holidays  Monday 4th April – Monday 18th April 2022 (Inc)


School opens   Tuesday 19th April 2022

May Day   Monday 2nd May 2022

INSET    Thursday 5th May 2022

May weekend   Friday 27th May 2022 & Monday 30th May 2022


School closes   Friday 24th June 2022


Second survey on COVID-19 Early years resilience and impact


Public Health Scotland (PHS) is inviting parents and carers of children aged 2–7 to take part in a survey to find out how their families have been affected by the different restrictions announced as we continue to live with coronavirus. 


The pandemic has wider impacts on individuals’ health, and their use of healthcare services, than just those that occur as the direct result of infection. The survey will cover the themes of key behaviours, children’s play and learning, use of outdoor spaces and social interactions, and the experience of parents and carers during Covid-19 in Scotland.


PHS ran this survey for the first time in June–July, just as Scotland was moving out of a period of national lockdown. We are running it again to see how things are changing for young children and their families now that schools and childcare settings have reopened and more healthcare services are being used. 

The response to our survey over the summer months has directly contributed to how we have been supporting children’s health and emotional wellbeing. Not all children have a fair start in life and societal inequalities can have a negative impact on children’s outcomes. We know that the virus has affected some families more than others and so is likely to worsen health inequalities too. Further insight into families’ experiences will continue to help people working with, and for, children to understand the impact of the pandemic on this age group. This will help public services best meet the needs of children, and protect their learning and healthy development.

The survey is live from today (23 November) and will remain live until (7 December).